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“How customizing turns education into brain candy” by Clara Young

Child Stars

Sometimes it’s hard to get kids excited about learning stuff. When it’s a toss-up between Candy Crush and learning the alphabet, the abc’s tend to go out the window.

That’s where customizable books, games and videos come in, like the kind Toonyou and Storybots do. When you type in your child’s name and upload her picture, shazzam! she’s the star. Suddenly, your pre-schooler wants to read about or watch herself going on adventures. And, along the way, she practises reading, or finds out what kind of work firefighters, cowboys or farmers do.

Storybots, from L.A. studio JibJab, has customizable educational videos and books in its “Starring You” series. They tell great stories. And they teach things kids are curious about like animals, holidays and numbers. With your Jack as the main character.

Our “My Dream Jobs” does something similar. Upload Sophia’s photo and she’s in the story, learning what Dad, the deejay or Mom, the plumber, does everyday.

So, when you see your children’s attention wandering, hit them with a story… about themselves.

Clara Young  

Kids reading customization books

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