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A Valentine’s Day Letter by Clara Young

Valentine’s Day usually comes with a box of chocolates and a Hallmark card. But the sweetest Valentine’s Day gift is an increasingly rare thing: a handwritten letter. When was the last time you got one in the mail? There’s something touchingly old-fashioned about a square – not a rectangular – envelope with a stamp in the corner and your name and address scrawled in the middle. Handwritten missives are a romantic commodity. But they’re also a clever way to get children to write. A few years ago, a school in the U.S. got 22 kindergarten kids to correspond with extended family members for a year. At the beginning, the kids had a hard time. They wrote simple three-word sentences, usually beginning with “I like” or I saw”. But by the end of the year, the kids were writing longer letters and reading them out loud in class. So, write a love letter for Valentine’s Day. Or, sit down with your kids and write a letter together to Granddad or Auntie Jane. And find out how your letter gets to them on Toonyou’s Postman episode.

Here it is

ToonYou Valentine's day
ToonYou Valentine’s day

ToonYou Valentine's day ToonYou Valentine's day