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Please Mr Postman…. by Clara Young

When was the last time you got a handwritten letter in the mail? There’s something touchingly old-fashioned about a square – not a rectangular – envelope with a stamp in the corner and your name and address scrawled in the middle. Letter-writing is also a clever way to get children to write. A few years ago, a school in the U.S. got 22 kindergarten kids to correspond with extended family members for a year. At the beginning, the kids had a hard time. They wrote simple three-word sentences, usually beginning with “I like” or I saw”. But by the end of the year, the kids were writing longer letters and reading them out loud in class. So, sit down with your kids and write a letter together to Granddad or Auntie Jane. And find out how your letter gets to them on Toonyou’s Postman episode.