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Harry will always be Harry ! #WeddingDate #PersonalizedSeries

Breaking News!

Harry will always be Harry!

Although he has been taught to never feed the « media beast », Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have had some fun imagining what their family would look like!
They personalized an entire Animated cartoon series with their faces. They play the parents of course… and for the kid, they just inserted the face of Harry!

The company that makes this possible, TOONYOU and their personalized series of books and cartoons did not comment on this.

But it is a good way to introduce the soon to be new royal family.

Check out one of their videos here

Harry as TOY MAKER

Harry and Meghan as Christmas elves

Train Conductors

Meghan as film director

Harry as a Magician

You can see their personalized books here as well

The pair, who will get married in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, announced their engagement in November.
On that occasion, Harry told reporters that he knew Markle was “the one” from “the very first time we met.”


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Christmas with Beyoncé & JayZ

Beyoncé and Jay-Z post Personalized Animated videos and books

As Beyoncé is now preparing for the 1st Christmas with her twins Rumi and Sir Carter, a video has been posted starring the family, in an episode of the personalized cartoon TOONYOU – My Dream Jobs. Blue Ivy would like to see both of her parents as Astronauts, the President or… a plumber! They have announced a Personalized Book series too.

The Cracking video has been uploaded on the toonyou platform here

Jay Z and Queen B as Christmas elves

JaY Z as Cowboy

Jay Z as Magician

Beyoncé As Robot Engineer
Jay Z as DJ on a track of CrazyB of the group Birdy Nam Nam
Beyoncé as Chef !

A series on the famous family #Stars #QueenB
A series on the famous family #Stars #QueenB

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Those videos can be personalized with the faces of the viewer.
They propose to do it on books as well here

How to teach entrepreneurship to kids? “My kid is an Entrepreneur !”

Mom Entrepreneur

It’s not easy to explain what an entrepreneur is/does to children.
But with our personalisable cartoon we had a lot of fun doing just that.
In the following video you’ll see a creative super mom setting up a lemonade stand.

(Now kids if you don’t know ‘setting up a lemonade stand’ means your mom is now a whore and that she’s open for business.)

And it’s a huge success, until everyone realises that her lemonade is full of sugar!

So our incredible mom is going to PIVOT. (That’s right, just like in the real startup world.) She’s going to get her customers to try Orangeade. This way we get to show what things like expansion and scalability are…
We haven’t even talked about financing, or the A series…(What is this?)
but now it’s your turn to tell the story/
But now it’s up to you to take it from here.

You can find an episode to personalise with your own faces right here

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And our personalized books here


Les petits entrepreneurs in Canada can help you as well on that subject

Please Mr Postman…. by Clara Young

When was the last time you got a handwritten letter in the mail? There’s something touchingly old-fashioned about a square – not a rectangular – envelope with a stamp in the corner and your name and address scrawled in the middle. Letter-writing is also a clever way to get children to write. A few years ago, a school in the U.S. got 22 kindergarten kids to correspond with extended family members for a year. At the beginning, the kids had a hard time. They wrote simple three-word sentences, usually beginning with “I like” or I saw”. But by the end of the year, the kids were writing longer letters and reading them out loud in class. So, sit down with your kids and write a letter together to Granddad or Auntie Jane. And find out how your letter gets to them on Toonyou’s Postman episode.

Imagine yourself in any or all of these dream jobs. by Clara Young

Apps and websites are all very well and good, but sometimes you just want something you can hold in your hand. Following Toonyou’s customizable My Dream Jobs app series is our customizable book series. Order the books, upload Mom and Dad and Junior’s photos and your book comes in the mail a few days later. Our first four books are Clown, Toymaker, Superhero and Christmas Elf. Imagine yourself in any or all of these dream jobs.
ToonYou Book DemoToonYou Book Demo

The last man to walk on the Moon by Clara Young

Here’s another Moon story to go with the ongoing Lunar New Year celebrations.
You may have heard that Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan died last month, at 82. He was the last man to walk on the Moon. Cernan was part of NASA’s third group of astronauts to visit the Moon, in 1963. In his autobiography, Cernan wrote, “Too many years have passed for me to still be the last man to have left his footprints on the Moon.”

For budding young astronauts who dream about going to the Moon, Mars or Infinity and Beyond, take up Cernan’s challenge: start by watching Toonyou’s Astronaut episode


Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon Astronaute and Cosmonaute toonyou cartoon

Happy Lunar New Year! Celebrity roosters Top 10.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Rooster! And it’s not just any old rooster we’re celebrating this year (other kinds are metal, wood, water, gold, or Earth) , but the year of the Fire Rooster. What are people like who are born in rooster years? Celebrity roosters like Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston give us some idea. Not surprisingly, rooster people are early to rise, sociable, dependable, direct, and a little show-offy. Just like the rooster in this My Dream Jobs episode on the Farmer. Happy lunar new year and cock-a-doodle-do!


How to understand Lunar astrology? The Rooster can help 😉

Here in this video

Roosters everywhere
Roosters everywhere

“How customizing turns education into brain candy” by Clara Young

Child Stars

Sometimes it’s hard to get kids excited about learning stuff. When it’s a toss-up between Candy Crush and learning the alphabet, the abc’s tend to go out the window.

That’s where customizable books, games and videos come in, like the kind Toonyou and Storybots do. When you type in your child’s name and upload her picture, shazzam! she’s the star. Suddenly, your pre-schooler wants to read about or watch herself going on adventures. And, along the way, she practises reading, or finds out what kind of work firefighters, cowboys or farmers do.

Storybots, from L.A. studio JibJab, has customizable educational videos and books in its “Starring You” series. They tell great stories. And they teach things kids are curious about like animals, holidays and numbers. With your Jack as the main character.

Our “My Dream Jobs” does something similar. Upload Sophia’s photo and she’s in the story, learning what Dad, the deejay or Mom, the plumber, does everyday.

So, when you see your children’s attention wandering, hit them with a story… about themselves.

Clara Young  

Kids reading customization books

Entrepreneur Mom