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Will your kid be the next President of the United States?

My Dream Jobs President

Will your kid be the next President of the United States?
… or a Clown?!

At we thought that it would be a great idea to inspire kids about what they might be when they’re older. Not just a fireman or a veterinarian, but maybe a computer scientist or entrepreneur?

So we have developed a cartoon series called “My Dream Jobs”. There are 70 episodes explaining to Pre-schoolers the joys of 70 incredible jobs. From astronaut to conductor or clown … and even President.

The little twist is that you can actually insert the faces of Dad, Mom and the kid into the TV series. Then our engine, TOONYOU, generates 100 facial expressions with your one selfie.

And guess what happens?
Kids have surprising favourite jobs in our APP!
They like to see what a computer scientist really does, for instance – The customizable hero in this episode uses his computer to get fresh toasted bread, make coffee, and drive a car,… so yeah a very good programmer! And the courtesy appearance of Larry Page from @google may encourage the parents to play that one 😉

For the job of “President” we decided it should be a woman (very topical!), as this incredible person uses a “magic pen” to sign “stuff” that changes the real life of the people. Yes, it’s a magic pen, we know… but still she creates a hospital, builds bridges and opens a new school. And guess what – it is Hillary Clinton who’s taking office. #Hillary2016

In Europe we asked famous DJ’s or Writers to star in “their” own episode, once again to inspire kids as to what they might be.

In July we will be happy to provide a full list of the most viewed and shared episodes of the series.

So in 20 years : will we be surrounded by an army of Secret Agent and Robotic engineer… or Clowns and Magicians ?

Free your kids dreams and make your own opinion here:

See you next month.


CEO ToonYou.Com (a Brand of @Contentinuum )

Hillary has her own Episode in the Customized series for kids “My Dream Jobs” by ToonYou

You want to show to your child how it is to be president?

Here is an episode where the super president helps people. For real !

And guess what it is Hillary !

Have a look

Synopsis: Construct a school, a hospital or a bridge for the people, that’s what Mom can do ! Yes She Can.

Hillary in a cartoon Series !
Hillary in a cartoon Series !
#Hillary2016 logo customize
#Hillary2016 logo customize