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TOONYOU V2.0 is coming and it’s THE “Dream App”

Yes, we are bringing what parents were waiting for this 4 times awarded app.

Here what will be soon in your Apple store, Google play and Windows phone

  • You can choose if you want Mom OR dad as main character to play in the episode with your kid.
  • A “Play all” button to get some free time for yourself and have your kid get all his/her favourite episdes played in a row.
  • A Description of all episodes to choose which one you want to customize.
  • An offline mode to be able to have your kid entertained when you are in the car or  in a restaurant and you don’t have wifi, 3G, 4G, fiber or any kind of those connecting blabla.
  • A single screen for all the episodes.

Probably the best tool to customize 70 episodes of a Cartoon series, in One click. A good way to entertain your kid with an educational series, validated by child-psychiatrist… But you already know all that !

Look how it looks. Nice, Isn’t it? More in few days … in your store 😉 or here

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Toonyou Clown In an episode



How to build up a Papertoy? My Dream jobs’ style.

In one month summer will be here! Time to prepare to entertain your little ones.

This year, the Cartoon series won 4 awards, so we celebrated by giving you and your child a little something extra.

Those little figurines in paper are genuine stars now!
So now is the time to build up those little characters ….

To do that you will need pieces of paper, glue, scissors, a big smile, your child… and you !

Let’s start today with 2 key characters :
The Explorer and the Tamer… and the school kid.
These characters will appear in new episodes available from 1st of June on and the app.


The entire PDF is here :

How to build up a PaperToy.

You will need :

Ruler, Cutter or scissors, super glue, toothpick.
Print the pattern on a A4 sheet (180g)

Using the ruler, cut each section following the black lines.
————– cut

– – – – – – – – fold

Prepare the folds. Using the ruler and the cutter, cut upside-down throughout the lines to ease the folding process.

Fold/bend each part of the character.

Identify where each part should stick to another.

Glue from one side to the other side and maintain the pressure with the fingers until the glue sticks.
Warning : Do not use too much glue. This must be done by an adult.

Glue together the faces which have the same letters or numbers.
Warning: Do not glue the arms on the body.

Cut the toothpick in 2. (Use ½ of toothpick per arm)

Insert the half stick in the arm.

Fixe the arm to the body.

Same on the other side.

The character is done.

You are a Genius. A perfect parent !

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figurine papier aventurier /coloriage
How to build up a papertoy
Figurine en papier / Coloriage
How to build up a Papertoy
Figurine papier /Coloriage
How to build up a Papertoy
How to build up a papertoy.
How to build up a papertoy.

Send your kid into Space !

➡ News ! Send your kid into Space ! For real… at least in “ASTRONAUTE”, the new episode of the customized series, “My Dream Jobs” with you and your kid inside !